Sos Lóin
Sos Lóin
Sos Lóin
Packed Lunch through Irish



Cad é Sos Lóin?

Packed Lunch



An opportunity to use whatever bit of Irish you have in a friendly, informal setting. This isn't a classroom. It's a place where people meet to chat in Irish.

Packed Lunch

Lón Pacáilte

Packed Lunch

Tóg do lón. Bring your own lunch and eat it while speaking Irish in a friendly group setting. There will be tea, coffee and sweets available if you feel like a treat.

All Levels

Gach Leibhéal

All Levels

We have friendly members ranging from parents who are trying to learn Irish again to native speakers who want to continue to speak Irish daily.


Saor in Aisce


This is a purely social, non-profit event organised by people just like you who want to practice/speak Irish during their lunch break. Bring whatever you would like to eat with you.





Special Events

If you've wanted to visit one of our Irish lunches but don't work in the City then now is your chance!

On 12:00, Saturday, August 11th we will have a special weekend Sos Lóin - Picnic sa Pháirc at FitzGeralds Park, Cork.

It will be a great opportunity to use whatever Irish you have. Bring a picnic with you and chat in the relaxed surroundings of FitzGeralds Park

People of all ages and abilities are welcome, even those with just the "cúpla fócal"! We look forward to meeting you!


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Cén áit agus uair

O'Sho, Barrack St., Corcaigh

12:30, every Tuesday

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